Trial and error

Frequently I end up having to re-work something because I failed to fully think it through beforehand. That’s exactly what happened on the cuff of the cardigan I showed you a few days ago. My plan was to incorporate the motif of two leaves from the left front into the ribbing on the cuffs. The leaves would be placed so they’d be on the outside edge of the cuff and a little visible from the front. Something like this.
leafy cuffs -3

So I logically placed my motif quarter of the way around from the beginning of the round (positioned where a seam in a seamed sleeve would be). For some reason, about halfway through knitting the motif I decided to try it on, bound off so the needles wouldn’t get in the way and slipped it over my hand.

leafy cuffs -1

It looked good, but then, just in case I actually put the whole cardigan on. I couldn’t see the motif at all, not without a great deal of contorting. It wasn’t on the outside edge of my wrist at all, but on the underside, and no amount of twisting would position it anywhere else unless I turned my palm right away from my body, not exactly the most natural of positions, nor one that’s easy to photograph. You really can’t tell from this, but trust me that it was all wrong.

leafy cuffs -2

I have hundreds of stitch markers, many of them rather pretty, but sometimes a scrap of yarn is the handiest.

And then, finally, I actually started thinking. I looked at the shirt I was wearing, I remembered the fitting notes in my dressmaking books, I felt rather stupid.

YIP 59 - Feb 28th - owls

The thing is: if you make a garment with a seam from underarm to wrist, that seam runs from the centre of the underarm to the inside of the thumb. At least it does when the hands are hanging naturally by the sides, because the wrist moves inside the sleeve. The sleeve, unless it’s very tight fitting, doesn’t move with the wrist.

spot the difference_

Glad I’d tried it on at that point and not say, after the twisted ribbing or even after both cuffs, I ripped. So, so pleased that I did. The resulting cuff is just as awkward to photograph while holding the camera in my left hand, but at least the work can be seen. I don’t imagine you’re very into putting work into details that no one will be able to see!

leafy cuffs -4