Trial and Error

I did end up running out of yarn on the red beret, but it was also pretty big, so I ripped it out and scaled the stitch pattern down.P2250597.JPG

This time I had lots of yarn leftover, but I think I was a little over enthusiastic in my scaling down.

It’s kind of cute, but not the beret I was aiming for. So I’ve ripped it back again and if this doesn’t work I’m going to admit that the stitch pattern + limited yarn is a ridiculous combo and just buy a different yarn for this pattern. The first would have worked perfectly with more yarn.

Although frustrating this hasn’t yet matched the amount of trial and error involved in Gretel and I’m certainly glad I didn’t give up on that.

My trip to K1 on Friday was great and produced something more exciting than new yarn. I’m going to be teaching a class. We’ll be making Urchin, which should fun, it’s a more interesting beginner project than a garter stitch scarf! Now to figure out which is the easiest provisional cast on method for a beginner to master.