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by Ysolda support@ysolda.com April 23, 2020 3 min read

In my last post I showed you how to cast on at the underarm and join the body of Glenmore in the round. The actual knitting of the body should be nice and relaxing, without anything complicated, but you might be undecided about how long to make it.

Two woman stand in front of an open window. The woman on the left is black with an afro, she's wearing a form fitting black dress with a white long sleeved, cropped sweater. She has her arm around an east asian woman wearing a mustard yellow sweater of the same design, her is longer and ends at the hips. She is wearing black and white vertical stripped trousers.

The pattern includes two lengths, cropped and regular, but of course your body is unique and beautiful so you can also knit until it's just the length you want. Of course, dramatically altering the body length will affect how much yarn you use so you'll want to have plenty to hand. Conversely if you're short on yarn you might want to knit to a reasonable cropped length, put the body stitches on hold as described in this post, knit the sleeves and then go back to the body with whatever yarn you have leftover. A few knitters have been sharing that they've been doing that in the Ravelry group.

A white woman with curly hair stands looking at the camera. She has a blue textured sweater on that is in progress, the bottom edge is unfinished and it is sleeveless.

Bex is ahead of me with her knitalong sweater so I had her take this photo trying it on. To prep your sweater for trying on simply slip all of your stitches to scrap yarn or use the Cocoknits leather stitch holder. If you have a really, really long circular needle you can use that, or divide the stitches between a few needles but I do find that the cords can be a bit unruly which makes it hard to judge how the sweater looks.

Consider trying the sweater on with a few different outfits, although I'm unlikely to wear a chunky cropped sweater with a bare tummy (brrr) I love the layering possibilities with a dress or jumpsuit.

A black woman with her hair pulled up on top of her head leans against a graffitied wall. She's wearing a lavender jumpsuit with a white cropped sweater.

Aja Barber who modelled our cropped version so brilliantly offered this advice in a recent instagram post:

"Crop tops are those pieces that are often something that folks over a certain age shy away from (which is sad). But if you’re like myself perhaps you are sensitive about your stomach area. But I’ve just starting wearing cropped things in a different way.⁣

You have to view the piece as “proportions” instead of “skin bearing”. For me a crop top pairs so nicely with high waisted trousers, high waisted skirts or even a pretty jumpsuit underneath"

You can also compare the length of the sweater with other garments, if you have one that you love the length of, or one that's not quite right. Line up the shoulders, rather than the underarm as yoke / armhole depth can vary quite a lot.

Flat lay image of 3 sweaters laid out on top of each other, to compare the length from underarm to bottom edge. The top sweater is blue and is unfinished at the bottom edge.

Even if you're making the regular length, rather than the crop, you might want to slightly adjust the length. I'm 5'3" and our model Georsan is a similar height to me – I'm probably going to make my own sweater a little shorter than the pattern.

A black woman with short hair and glasses stands in an archway to an alley. She's wearing a mustard yellow sweater over a deep rose coloured skirt. The sweater ends a hip length.

Things to bear in mind

At this point your sweater doesn't have the ribbed bottom band, so you should be knitting to 2" / 5cm LESS than your just right length.

If your swatch grew (you wet blocked it, right?) when you washed it, it's a safe assumption that your sweater will also relax a bit so err on the side of not quite long enough.

Join the Glenmore KAL!

You don't have to do anything special to sign up, just buy the pattern and share your progress. Use the hashtag #glenmorekal on instagram, twitter and your Ravelry project, so everyone can see your photos and come and say hi in our Ravelry group. There will be prizes! 

Read all posts in the Glenmore KAL series. 

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Ysolda support@ysolda.com
Ysolda support@ysolda.com

Ysolda designs knitting patterns, spent years teaching at events and loves to find new yarns and books to share.

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