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April 02, 2010


It’s no big secret that I love Twist Collective, sadly I was too busy to participate in the new issue, but I’ve just had a wonderful time paging through it. Suddenly abandoning my book in progress and running away to somewhere with plenty of yarn is sounding mighty appealing because there are several designs I would absolutely love to knit. Spring / summer issues are notoriously tricky – knitting and knitwear do both seem to be more naturally suited to cold weather. I think this issue has struck a great balance between garments that you could actually wear in truly hot weather, transitional pieces that would be great on chilly summer evenings and worn well into autumn and smaller accessories that will make perfect projects to work on in the coming months.
Celandine, the cover tank by Jennie Pakula is so pretty – I love the idea of the counterpane style motifs edging the top and forming the straps but I never would have guessed they could look so delicate. The lace combined with the geometric lines of the edging and the light, drapey top make for a garment that’s pretty and feminine without being at all fussy. The straps, I also noticed, will be wide enough to obscure bra or camisole straps, which will make it much more wearable.

I’ve been watching Emily Johnson’s Family Trunk Project evolve with fascination for some time now (read the interview I did with her a couple of years ago) so it was great to see her design Anneypop up in this issue. I’m not sure yet whether this fits within the project or is a standalone piece but either way I’m looking forward to reading the story behind it.

The ballet necked tee is ridiculously adorable and would certainly fit my style, but I think it could also be quite versatile – I’d love to see it in a sophisticated green without the ribbon. The shape will flatter lots of figures and just looks like a lot of fun to knit. Just complicated enough to be interesting without being a pain – perfect. Personally I was drawn to this one because I’m currently working on a sweater that while it’s completely different features a similar stitch pattern, it’s so interesting how many possibilities there are with similar elements.

I’m sure lots of you will be traveling over the coming months and looking for small portable projects to take along, so I was delighted to see whole stories on the two types of projects I find best for traveling – socks and shawls. Even if you’re not going anywhere, the summer months tend to be a little busier and these are the perfect projects to throw in your bag, ready to pick up and put down around everything else you’ve got on. I’m not particularly into knitting socks, but last time I took a road trip (as a passenger!) I found myself making a pair. If you do love to knit socks there are some gorgeous possibilities, I’m secretly hoping that someone feels the need to make Wallflower by Stephanie van der Linden for me! So beautiful.

Of course those are probably better suited to lounging on a beach (and better make sure that cocktail is virgin), but if you need some socks that won’t require quite so much attention Sweetgrass look like a lovely option.

My favourite traveling projects are small, not too complex shawls. I knit a few, including Damson and one that’s yet to be published, while traveling last year and I think if I was really going to run away I’d take Abrazo by Susanna IC to work on on the journey. Not only is it pretty, but it looks like it wouldn’t be too hard to knit while traveling, when at least I find that my attention is always divided.

Summer however, is still a ways off, at least in Scotland. Even here, it never really gets hot and it’s always a good idea to have a sweater close by to keep cosy in the evenings (or the inevitable sudden change in the weather). There are several sweaters that will nicely fill that role and if actually knitting them weren’t an issue, I am fantasizing here after all, would be totally wearable right now. If you’re going to put the time into a sweater, it’s nice to make one so wearable. There are several more gorgeous options in the magazine, but here are the sweaters I’ll be dreaming about tonight.

Gathered round a campfire on a slightly windswept beach, I’d pull on Tonia Barry’s Goose Rocks, snuggle up and admire the lovely cable and lace details.

Admittedly I have an extensive coat collection, but after seeing Connie Chang Chinchio’sTimpani I’m certainly feeling like my wardrobe is missing the perfect jacket for when it’s too warm for a coat but I want something less casual than most sweaters. I’m lucky enough to consider Connie a friend and I did get a sneak peek of this in progress which, with it’s interesting sideways construction and cable details was terribly intriguing. I have every faith in Connie I was truly delighted by how well it turned out.

Although you were probably too busy looking through the issue to actually read this, I’d love to know what you’re dreaming of knitting and / or wearing if we could really run off and do nothing but knit.


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