Twist again!

So like knitters everywhere this weekend I spent some time planning my future knitting and browsing through the new Twist Collective Spring issue.  I love the patterns Ysolda picked out as her favourites, but for me, this issue is all about the socks.
I always have a pair of socks on my needles as I love something simple and portable to work on when traveling.  I’d love my next pair to be these – Sweetgrass by Sarah Fama.

The waving lace pattern looks simple but elegant, and I’m sure these will be fun to knit.  I love the way the wave continues down into the heel flap, and top-down has always been my favourite sock construction.

Next is Piton by Grace Anna Farrow.  I find patterns like this so satisfying and addictive to knit, and the fabric looks dense and cosy.   I think these would look great as socks for a man too, I plan to knit these for my Grandpa and store them away for Christmas.

And then Amaranth by Chrissy Gardner, I think I’m going to need these in this fabulous colour!  I like the contrast between the patterns on the front and back of the leg, and they look like they’d be interesting to knit.  I’ll definitely be keeping these for myself!

The last pattern that I’ve added to my queue is this gorgeous sweater by Marnie MacLean, Damariscotta.  Its so cute and simple but full of interesting details like body darts, hems and a fantastic neckline.  The top-down construction means you can knit it to fit exactly and I think it would look great on lots of different body shapes.  I’d love to get this in my wardrobe for summer.

Before I can cast on though I need to finish a few bigger projects.  Ysolda’s going to be at some big events this summer (have a look at the new events page for the details) so I’m knitting some new samples to take along.  Currently on the needles is Vivian from Twist Collective in Fyberspates Scrumptious Aran, and Matilda Jane in Louisa Harding Willow Tweed.  And since this is in addition to a couple of sweaters from her new collection, I think I’ll be saving the new Twist sock patterns for our summer travels!