UK Alpaca

Just a quick yarn recommendation, since I’ve been sitting knitting with it thinking that I really need to tell you how wonderful it is. It’s a naturally coloured blend of baby alpaca and tussah silk from here: One of the softest yarns I’ve ever knit with and compared to the only other alpaca silk blend I’ve used, the Debbie Bliss one, so much better. I’m always a little wary of alpaca, since some of them don’t have the guard hairs removed and feel really itchy to me but this isn’t itchy at all and it’s also spun really differently to the loose, fuzzy Debbie Bliss yarn which will hopefully mean it looks good for more than a millisecond. This blend is only available in a single colour, but judging by the snippets on the shade card the rest of their range is also wonderful. This arrived the day after I ordered it too, which always pleases my impatience. Anyway back to knitting with it.