Vegan Swap Goodies

DSCF5926.JPGThe only thing I don’t mind being woken up first thing in the morning for is the parcel-post-man bringing packages full of treats. Nicola sent me a wonderful and beautifully wrapped box. It was too dark and I was too sleepy to take pictures of the wrapping, but trust me it was delightful. Of course I wasn’t too sleepy to sample the chocolate


I really love that Nicola sent enough yarn for a smallish project. I’m never very sure what to do with single skeins. It’s a beautifully shiny, crisp cotton in a colour that I would have happily picked out for myself. There are more treats half hidden in one of the balls, but I’m trying to be good and play by the rules. I just made up the rule, which is that I can’t unwind the ball, I have to wait until I’m knitting from it to uncover it’s secrets. And yes that is Brittany packaging it’s wound around – a crochet hook. I’ve never used a wooden hook, so I’m looking forward to that, especially as it’s something I might have had trouble justifying buying for myself since I’m not really much of a crocheter. Those are maybe my favourite sorts of gifts – my mum’s tactic of asking if I was willing to shell out for something my self as a way of testing how much I really wanted it was totally off!

Nicola also sent me several recipes for some yummy sounding baking. Perfect ‘warming vegan recipes for Autumn’, I can’t wait to try them out. Thank you for everything Nicola, I love it all!