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Vine Yoke for me

by ysoldateague February 08, 2010


red vine yoke -3
This has actually been finished for a couple of months and although I wear it constantly photographic evidence has remained elusive.

red vine yoke -4
You might remember that I visited the wonderful (and adorable – check out her new Audrey in Unst cardigan) Gudrun in October before Rhinebeck. In the run up to my trip I was busily finishing off Whimsical Little Knits 2 and hadn’t had a chance to knit anything large for ages, apart from the original Vine Yoke sample. It seemed like everyone attending Rhinebeck was chattering excitedly about trying to finish their Rhinebeck sweaters and I was a little sad that I didn’t have one. Vine Yoke is a pretty fast knit, I had lots of time to relax at Gudrun’s, and we happened to visit WEBS.

red vine yoke -2
Enter Melissa, who had just started working there, and who I was teasing by testing her knowledge of the stock and ability to answer silly questions. “So, if you were going to make Vine Yoke, what would you use?” She made a beeline for Classic Elite’s Kumara, and I’m ashamed to admit that I took some convincing. It was soft and had an interesting composition (baby camel!), but it was sort of, unexciting and flat. But I couldn’t find anything else and the soft red was nice, so I decided to play along and make Melissa’s sweater.

I cast on, and it grew quickly, and then I decided to make Bobsolda and dragged the very tolerant Gudrun and her kids back to WEBS and around several other stores to gather the necessary supplies. And much to everyone’s amusement, I spent the rest of my visit knitting, painting, gluing, stuffing and wiring. My poor Vine Yoke lay neglected, only receiving brief attention in Boston when I was hiding my surprise from the Ravelry team. And it was absolutely worth it, because the whole Bosolda thing was a lot of fun, and I think it made a lot of other people pretty happy too.

red vine yoke -7
But I do kind of wish that I’d finished Vine Yoke earlier, because it turns out that listening to Melissa is a very good way to get a sweater that you love. Plus, she might be psychic, because she picked the perfect colour to go with some of my favourite buttons from Jennie the Potter.I’m seriously considering leaving all future yarn decisions to Melissa.

red vine yoke -5 A note about the fit: I know some people have been disappointed that their Vine Yokes turned out too big. Although Twist Collective’s photos are great, they did photograph it with a little more ease than I intended – something that’s sometimes unavoidable when you’re photographing lots of sweaters on a single model. If you’re thinking of making this, I’d go with a little bit of negative ease rather than the 3″ of positive ease shown in the magazine. I’m wearing the 32 and my bust measurement is about 34.5″.

And a note about the yarn: we’re used to seeing photos taken before a knit has been worn much. In this case, I’ve been wearing this pretty heavily and you can tell. However on the whole, I’m really happy with how this is wearing. The yarn is very soft and fuzzy and although there is some pilling, the fabric remains cohesive with good stitch definition and the pills come of easily – I’m just too lazy to remove them!


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