vintage underthings

I wasn’t joking when I said yesterday that I was off to make a forties bullet bra. Admittedly it would need to be padded or starched or something for that true bullet shape. Why I’m making this is a bit of a mystery even to me. But somehow yesterday I got it in my head that the camisole would look good with a pink knitted bra underneath. Umm… Yeah. Anyway I have a feeling this is too big, me and my purple fuzzy double have similarly non-existant boobs. Although from the pattern photograph, I think the coverage is supposed to be sort of like this. Perhaps I’ll finish it at some point. Or come to my senses. If I do finish it I think it should be part of a burlesque performance. Definitely costume.


I’m sure I need an aristocrat in lingerie sets.


For me, and to wear under my camisole I thought that something of a different shape might be a good idea, and then I remembered that ages ago I knit 1930. After diving into the unruliness that is currently my boxroom I eventually found a bag full of oddly shaped knitted pieces. It seems to be coming together now, so if it turns out well I might knit that bright pink bra.

Tomorrow is mother’s day here, and I’m going to my parent’s for lunch. The weather’s pretty stormy but if I can find some half decent light I’ll rope someone into photographing the camisole on. But not with a bright pink knitted bra, just a black camisole.

I started the camisole ages ago, and then put it down until a couple of weeks ago. When i started it I wondered how well a camisole with short row shaping at the top and then a lace edging worked on all stitches would turn out. This pattern prompted me to try it.


Anyone have any favourite silk yarn suggestions? I’m looking for 4ply and laceweight mainly, and for yarns that are relatively strong. Some more vintage lingerie and some silk stockings seems like a fun plan.