One of the stranger things to have come out of this creative blogging thing has been my own increasing interest in visual creativity (horrible phrase, but you know what I mean – right?). Although I’ve always been creative, I didn’t take art in high school and I was a lot more interested in crafting, writing and film making. Partly I think this is a reaction to going in one direction for a long time, I studied English Literature, and while it’s nice to be able to read whatever I like I don’t read or write as much as I used to. I do think swinging towards more visual creative expression is also related to the blog though, having to take photos, sketch my ideas out and do some graphic design has got me more interested in doing those things without an actual purpose.

My mum’s Christmas present, which I choose, were a couple of classes at the art college. The printmaking course I booked has been delayed but yesterday I had my third life drawing class. And although there are plenty of flaws clamouring for my attention the drawing above is the first I’ve actually quite liked. This is the first time in about 8 years that I’ve done any ‘real’ drawing and it’s so very difficult, but I’m really loving the experience. I’m usually such a ridiculous multi-tasker that it’s great to focus really intensely on one thing for a few hours. Although I’ve only been to a few classes I am starting to feel like I’m making some progress, if I can come up with the discipline to actually draw in between the classes I might get even more out of it. Maybe I need to start some kind of drawing a day project? I’m a lot better at sticking to public challenges than private ones!


Last week I bought a new camera, but the dismal weather has prevented me from really playing with it much. Even so it already feels very much mine. This might be because in a lot of ways it’s a (very!) upgraded version of my film camera.


Despite being overcast, windy and drizzly today felt oddly like spring, warm enough to go out without a coat and even snatches of blue sky are worth making the most of at the moment so we went for a walk. It’s freezing and raining again already. Click the images for more on flickr.