Everyone that knows me is agreed that I am one of the stupidest intelligent people on the planet. Common sense would mean that anyone other than me designing a knitting pattern would realise when re-sizing it that wrists and arms in general are unlikely to vary in diameter as much as say busts. (I hate that word incidentally, but people seem to think the fact that I say tits is weirder.) Anyway anyone other than me would realise this. Unfortunately Arisaig that some of you are knitting was designed by me – and on occassion I can be appalingly stupid (we’re talking hitting myelf on the head and saying ow in surprise – sorry but it’s true). I have NO common sense whatsoever. Consequently if you are making Arisaig in any of the larger sizes and wondering why the sleeves are big enough for both arms, it’s not your mistake it’s mine. For which I am incredibly sorry. I will do my best to re-write the pattern – paying more attention to actual body shapes. Anyone who is bigger than me (most people) who wants to send me their measurements is very welcome to do so. Sizing charts never seem to have things like diameters of arms. And well I can’t very well walk up to people with a measuring tape and say you look like you wear an x-large can I measure you to see how big you are. See then I would probably be beaten up. So to prevent me ending up in hospital (I hurt myself enough as it is) you should help.I feel so bad that it’s taken someone knitting this to highlight an obvious problem and I’d love to re-write it right now. But I have to study, and I think if I did the maths now I’d end up with people knitting a cardigan with 3 sleeves or something. And that would be even more horribly wrong. (although for some reason the idea of putting on weight and consequently gaining extra limbs is oddly appealing – ummm let’s blame halloween, incidentally I went to uni today dressed as a 80s B movie zombie prom queen, because everyone else is crap I looked out of place). So realistically I’m giving myself a deadline of a fortnight to have the re-write done. If you are working on Arisaig in any size above medium please don’t start with the sleeves – if you are already working on them I’m sorry.