We’re knitting Sherilyn – Join us for a KAL?

This fall (I almost corrected this to ‘autumn’ but Bex is Canadian, so I’m letting it stand! — Ysolda) we are going to be knitting Sherilyn. This is one of my favourite shawl patterns and I’m not just saying that because I work for Ysolda! I’ve knit four so far, including the one pictured in yarn that Sarah spun, and want to share my love for this highly addictive pattern. Next week we’ll each be posting about our yarn choices, and you can see from the picture below that I haven’t decided yet. Let me know which of these gorgeous colours from Yarn Pony you think I should use in the comments — you might sway my decision!

Although it looks complicated the lace patterns used in Sherilyn are very geometric which makes it ideal for beginner lace or shawl knitters. I actually think it’s an easier first shawl than Ishbel. You certainly don’t need to be new to lace or shawls to join in but it you are I’ll be posting tutorials and tips throughout the KAL. On Friday the 6th of September I’ll talk about swatching in the lace pattern. We’ll officially cast on for this on Monday the 9th of  September and I’ll be sharing tips and tutorials over the following 5 weeks. There will be prizes too! We’ll start a thread in the Ravelry group for finished projects and everyone who posts their project before 31 October will be entered into the draw.

Here are a few beautiful finished Sherilyns to entice you into joining us.

Clockwise from top left: BrineyDeep’s Sherilyn, IgnorantBliss’ Sherilyn, Lolotte1409’s Tango Grenadine, Kiwiknit’s Mellow Yellow.

For the smaller shawl you’ll need approx 430 yds / 400m and for the larger size you’ll need 510 / 435m. It can be worked in either lace or fingering / 4ply.