Weekly wrap up

We’ll be at the Highland Wool Festival tomorrow, the 24th of May. Say hello if you see us!

Debbie Bliss has a new line of knitting related homewares and pre-knitted baby gifts (which, lets face it, could come in handy!) We love the mugs. The Stitches collection. 

For those of you who love statistics and graphs. Ravelry: A gap between yarn and patterns from Stitchcraft Marketing and Bristol Ivy just released April’s The Stockinette Market

Tasia St Germaine from Sewaholic’s new book the Sewtionary is available for pre-order. It looks like it’s going to be a great resource for sewers.

Knitting Bones with Fact And Fiction: A Conversation With Design Culture Lab’s Anne Galloway from Gizmodo Australia. 

I’m hoping to make it to Shetland again this summer and I’m looking forward to seeing Ella Gordon’s exhibition on Shetland knitwear during the oil boom. I have Shetland and that oil boom to thank for one of the cardigans I wore as a baby, my dad learned to knit while working in a laundry for the oil industry alongside Shetlanders who knit while they were waiting for the machines to be done.