Weekly wrap up

Write up of Maryland Sheep and Wool in the Baltimore Sun

I’ve met several people who initially took up knitting as something to do with their hands while trying to quit smoking. Knit Quit encourages people to do just that with cute kits for simple projects that don’t require any prior knitting knowledge. 

There seems to be a strong connection between the fibre world and the cycling world. The Giro D’Italia starts this week in Northern Ireland and they’ve been turning everything pink. From taxis to sheep, to the fish in your fish and chips (not sure about that last one). The full story can be found here. If you’re a spinner maybe you can get some training in preparation for the Tour de Fleece

You may have seen a story early this year about all the jerseys that have been sent to Harrogate to help them decorate for the Le Grand Depart of Le Tour De France. They were originally expecting to collect about 2000 jerseys but have received 22 529 as of March2014 with over 8000 of the jerseys being the elusive yellow of the overall leader.

Stage 3 of Le Tour de France starts in Cambridge and it looks like they want to join in the knitted jersey fun. If you missed out on sending a mini jersey to Harrogate, perhaps you’ll be able to help Cambridge?

Me Made May has gotten me obsessed with making everyday clothing and I’ve spent most of this week working on drafting a pattern for jeans. I also found myself ordering supplies for making underwear. Haven’t started yet but in case that’s something you might also want to try Sewaholic posted this great roundup of resources. 

Tnna recaps from Laura Nelkin and Fancy Tiger. 

Know of anything else interesting going on in the craft world this week?