Weekly Wrap Up

Me Made May kicked off yesterday – I’ll be posting about my first oufits and plans later today but I liked this summary. It definitely feels to me like interest not just in crafting but in creating a wardrobe is growing, especially in more mainstream venues among people who don’t necessarily already have crafty hobbies. 

This weekend 

Here in the UK this Saturday sees the inaugural National Yarn Shop day. Shops around the country are doing special events. I’ll be at Kathy’s Knits in Edinburgh to chat, sign books and (if you want!) take your measurements since it’s difficult to do yourself — if lack of accurate measurements has put you off knitting, or sewing, your own clothes now’s your chance to remedy that. 

Maryland Sheep and Wool, one of the largest (no one seems very sure whether Rhinebeck is bigger!) sheep and wool festivals in the United States is going on — wish I was going! If you are, look out for several of the yarn companies featured in The Rhinebeck Sweater

It’s a trade event (ie. not open to the public) but The National Needlearts Association Summer show is also this weekend. This is the first time not I’ve exhibited, or even attended, this show in several years. It’s a wonderful networking (er, hanging out with friends I don’t see enough in bars) opportunity but with noticeably slower shows; so many other companies choosing to attend MDSW; plus own business model moving more to working with shops on digital sales rather than print distribution it was difficult to justify going. We’ll see how that decision pans out, and I feel like major changes in the way these events happen going forward are inevitable, but if you are going I’m very curious to hear how it goes. Sorry I won’t be able to provide you with tea and cake — I really hope it’s a great show!


The Little Yellow Duck Project was launched to raise awareness of blood, bone marrow, tissue and organ donation. I think the quirkyness of this can only work in its favour and I often feel like crafting donations is more effective when it’s an attempt to draw attention to a cause than when it overwhelms organisations with stuff to manage. 

Knitting and health I’ve noticed a lot of news stories about knitting and health recently (here’s a google news search showing the most recent ones). This podcast about living with MS and crafting.