Well hello there!

by ysoldateague August 09, 2010


How are you doing? So far, this has been quite the summer, insanely busy but rather wonderful. We have so much to catch up on, but right now here’s a little glimpse of what I’ve been up to and what’s coming up.
rebecca's birthday-1

We kidnapped my friend Rebecca from work, crossed this, to get to here –
rebecca's birthday-25

paid a delightful visit to First 4 Yarns
rebecca's birthday-9

Came home and roped my brother into designing and helping to package project kits.

stuffing kits-1

I briefly got distracted by some very large scale knitting.

giant knitting!-1

Sarah and I got back on the road, took a lastminute detour to the adorable Mrs Moon

mrs moon-7

In London we visited the V+A with knitting royalty.


And then got to work.

Ysolda's booth

Somehow we got almost everything back in the car, including Jess and Casey from Ravelry and wound our way back North,

Slightly full vehicle

stopping on the way for a wee party at Baa Ram Ewe.

Ravelry event at Baa Ram Ewe

Got very excited here

Yay buttons!

and then returned home for 10 hours, which was weird but worth it, because the next morning we flew to this stunningly beautiful place.


Where I had fun helping with this.

gudrun's photoshoot-3

Late night party-returning girls

Learned something new, that I need to practice a lot more.


And visited here, which was fascinating, I wish I’d videoed our tour. Oh well, I suppose I’ll just have to go back sometime – what a shame!
J&S Rav Visit

I’m back in Edinburgh, with Jess and Casey visiting me, we’ve had a lovely weekend and it’s been so much fun to have a big group of my far flung knitting friends in my home town. Today we’re trying to get a little work done, but we have some fun stuff planned for the week seeing as we’re no longer going to Knit Camp. Tomorrow we’re going to play with dye with Lilith and then at the weekend I’ll be joining Jess and Casey picnic Ravelry meetups in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Hope to see you there! If you are in Stirling and want to come to one of the meet ups there are pretty frequent train services to both cities.


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