Well loved

A couple of weeks ago I bought this lovely vintage blouse. I’m not sure whether this was homemade or not, but there were certainly careful hands involved in the making of it.


The inside is just as beautiful, french seams and perfect details like this smallest of shoulder pads.


It’s well worn, but I think that only makes me love it more because it’s so clearly been well loved. Someone really cared for this blouse.


Buttons had been replaced and since there was one misfit I didn’t feel bad about replacing them all with some of my favourite orangey red ones, from my trip to the wonderful Rubans et Boutons in Montreal.


A few days ago my mum gave me an old dress of hers, it drowned me and wasn’t a style I’d wear but I could immediately see the potential in it. There’s a whole suitcase full of clothes I saw too much potential in to get rid of them lurking around here and many of them have been waiting for years for me to actually do anything with them so I almost told her that she should just give it to a charity shop.


I’m so glad I didn’t, after working hard to get the books out I decided that I was allowed to spend a couple of days doing mostly fun things. On Monday I had a little knitting tea party.


And yesterday I took scissors to my mum’s old dress and spent the day sewing. Perhaps inspired by the beautiful details of my blouse I did a lot of the finishing by hand, including the hem because honestly I’d rather sew a hem by hand than wrestle with the blind hem function of the machine.


Liberty print facings, because it makes me happy even if they’re hidden. I hate it when the bottom of a zip is left scratchy so I covered it up with a little facing of its own.


Today I wore my new favourite outfit.

The shoes are from Remix vintage and the bag is from the Cambridge Satchel Company.


I’ve had more to spend on clothing recently than I’ve ever had before and while I’m enjoying adding to my wardrobe I’m trying to do so in a thoughtful way. How wonderful would it be to know that everything you owned was as well loved and cared for as my new blouse, and that the things you no longer loved could be loved by someone new.