or how the full moon makes me a little nuts. It always has, and sometimes it’s worse than others – I’ve been practically nocturnal the last few days. At about 2.30am last night I decided to walk my friend Jamie home – turned into a rambling detourous (yeah tis a word) wander round most of the new town for an hour or so. I tried to convince him to walk up Arthur Seat – didn’t work. I’m just antsy – I can’t sit still or focus on anything for much time. That is a major, major understatement.
Other evidence that I’m actually a werewolf –
I was born under a full moon, with hair all down my back and ears.

I wanted to post a quote from a poem by Jackie Kay, but although I’m sure I have it written out in a notebook someplace I can’t find it. A trip to the library is in order.
But the line is something like ‘and you scratch yourself until you bleed’. The whole poem sums up pretty well how the full moon can make me. No idea why I don’t own it really.

ooh pictures of the apocalypse hoodie (and an explanation of why the hell I’m calling it that) coming soon as.

Did I mention that I’m jumpy, my phone just got a text and given how quiet my room is the noise actually made me jump.

On our walk last night we saw a pheasant and some other birds tied to the railings outside a house. Weird. I took a photo with my phone, might post it later