What I’m working on

YIP 52 - Feb 21st - fitting
It’s always tricky trying to figure out how much of my work to share here before it’s done. I don’t share the opinion of my many publishers that everything needs to be shrouded in secrecy to avoid spoiling the suprise of the big reveal. Personally I think it’s pretty interesting to see a project build and gain some insight into the development process. Nor am I convinced that sharing a design in progress is necessarily marketing suicide, nothing wrong with building some interest.
YIP 50 - Feb 19th - knitting!

However there are things that make me hesitate, there’s the long delay between initially working on a design and the final pattern being released. It’s nice and motivating to get “I want to knit this NOW, when will the pattern be released?” messages, but often seems like people don’t really get the time and work involved. Sometimes a design just doesn’t work out despite looking perfectly appealing in the pictures which is sure to lead to disappointing knitters. I don’t like disappointing you, but nor do I like trying to make a design I’m over into a pattern.
leaves detail
So, that said, given the choice between a silent blog and sharing what I’m working on, I know what I prefer. Just please remember that there’s a lot of work to go before you’ll see the end result – I do hope it will be worth waiting patiently for. I spent most of last year working on smaller projects for the two Whimsical Little Knits books, which was great fun, but left me wanting to work on some bigger designs and put what I learned about self publishing into an altogether larger project. And so, for the last few months I’ve slowly been working on a collection of garment and coordinating accessory patterns. Alongside the patterns I’m planning on including more text than the first two books, tutorials on fitting and particular techniques and more of the stories of the designs. I’ll be self publishing the book, but I’m very excited not to be doing absolutely everything myself this time, there are some wonderful people helping.

YIP 54 - Feb 23rd - planning yarns
Some of the samples are already done and the other day Sarah helped me pick out the remaining yarns that will be featured, so much fun. The rest of the photos in this post are of the cardigan currently on my needles. It might be more efficient to hire sample knitters, but it wouldn’t suit the way I work at all. I need to be able to rip and re-work things, although I’d prefer if I didn’t always have to do so as much as I have with this. I’ll have knit it about 4 times over by the time it’s done.
I’d love to share more of my process of putting this project together, so if there’s any aspect of my design process you’d particularly like to see, please do speak up.