WIP Week – Tuesday – Wear 1, Knit 1

Remember Posie? Well I’m all for offering wide size ranges, but I can’t really see this pattern being very flattering on anyone much bigger than me (what you wear is totally not up to me though, so if you ever want to knit one of my patterns and it’s not in your size email me and I’ll do my best to help). Posie is also kind of childish, which is one of the reasons I like the design because really I’m kind of childish. Both these things together made me think that the design would also be great as a little girls cardigan and so that’s what I’m making. The 6 year old daughter of one of my mum’s friends is going to model this for me, which should be fun because I love taking photos but it’s tricky when I’m usually the model. As anyone I’ve ever roped into being my photographer will tell you I do my best to be photographer even when I’m on the lens side of the camera. Anyway the plan for the pattern is to range from a 24″ – 38″ chest circumference. DSCF5100.JPG

That’s approximately age 4-5 to a women’s medium. Sounds kind of ridiculous but I think it will look good in all those sizes and it’s really too adorable not to put on a little girl. It also means that if you think you’re too old (if it’s possible to be ‘too old’ for anything) for this you can knit it for a little person and thrill your inner little girl by proxy. Even if you’ve never actually been a girly girl, or even a little girl at all I’m quite adamant that she’s in there somewhere and would be delighted if you made this. But then, there are all sorts of different people inside of me and I’m not quite sure if that’s something everyone shares.

Kid’s sizes also go fast, although come to think of it the big version went surprisingly fast too, which is a good thing right now. I’d kind of rather be knitting yesterday’s wip but I do want to get this done.


Aren’t these stitch holders sweet? The sewing supplies I inherited from my great aunt Kitty are treasured items, but I’d kind of dismissed the box of straight knitting needles that also came from her house. Simply because I have a giant box of straights I inherited from my grandad but rarely use them, funnily enough I think some of the singles from the two boxes match – they must have come from my great granny and been split up when she died.? Until a few days ago when I needed a random spare needle and on a whim tipped out the whole box, more treasures, including these. It really doesn’t take much to please me.
This evening’s other wip was dyeing my hair with this:



It worked exactly like every other dye I’ve used without the eye watering smell but with the tingling scalp. It actually lightened the roots more than I was expecting and more than I really wanted and I think (it’s not actually dry yet) I might need to tone out a bit of the yellow with some blue shampoo but none of that’s any worse than any other at home dye jobs. I’ve been trying to think of baby steps to living better for both me and the world (sort of inspired by this rather more committed/ organised project but with a slightly different focus) and this was today’s ‘thing’. Actually there’s another thing – but they deserve decent pictures.
Tomorrow – the biggest wip of them all. I’m so excited! In fact I’d better get to bed now, it requires energy. Night, night, don’t let the bugs bite (or whatever is appropriate to your current time).