WIP Week – Wednesday – Home again, home again, jiggety jig!

The biggest wip of them all is my flat. My dad’s been working on it for the last few weeks, while I’ve been staying at my parent’s house. He’s mostly done now and today me and my mum got rid of most of the building dirt. The box of cheap, bulk natural cleaning supplies I ordered a few days ago from here (they not only sell supplies in bulk but have a handy ‘recipe’ page) conveniently arrived at the flat just as my dad was going in this morning. The natural cleaning products isn’t a new thing at all for me, apart from the environmental benefits I’m way to sensitive too chemicals and perfume to want to spray them all over my home, but it seemed like a good thing to buy some in bulk. I get through ridiculous amounts of bicarbonate soda and it mostly comes in teesny little tubs. Hopefully it will take a while to use 5kgs, but perhaps not, you can do anything with that stuff.


Tomorrow – packing and cleaning and maybe even moving. I think I’m more excited now than I was when I first moved in. Maybe because it feels like I can really make it mine now.


Is it ridiculously geeky to take my laptop with me while cleaning? It was basically serving as a very expensive radio antennae.

P.s. Does anyone know where my title is from? Is it just one of those funny things my mother says, or is it, like Matilda Jane, also from something? I’d love to know.