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Working away

November 09, 2007


Last night my friend Azi came round for dinner. She arrived to find that I’d gotten distracted from cooking by attempting to put together a very makeshift curtain for the kitchen window. Admittedly it took more than the five minutes I was planning on but I’m rather pleased with the results. Quickly rolled up and tied with bows during the day and unfurled at night it makes the whole room cozier. There aren’t any buildings very close to my kitchen window, which is nice, but it means that it’s really, properly dark in a way that you don’t often get in the city. The tree print is also a nice reminder of the real trees outside. Leah sent me this fabric in a swap about a year ago, and while I don’t plan on this being its permanent use it is nice to have it on display.


Azi’s just finished a stint working at the London film festival, and as I listened to her talk about the stress of trying to find a (paid!) creative job in the industry I felt a new found appreciation for my little work at home design gig, and for how privileged I am to have this home to work in. It’s not the big ‘what I’m going to do with my life’ thing, that may or may not exist, but until it appears this certainly beats the rat race of graduate employment. And so, here are a few of the things I’m loving about working at home today, other than my newly framed view:

I can wear whatever I like. Today that means the first sweater I ever made, my crazy long curled up Skull Illusion Scarf (I’ve seen far, far more succesful versions of this and mine definitely could do with re-blocking but I love the way it’s about 8′ long, unintentionally the perfect length), and the dressI made at the beginning of the summer – now rather faded from so much wearing. I need to make some more twirly dresses.

Today’s work so far has included much catching up on email, but also finishing this pretty border on the 2nd Arabella (I was binding it off in the photo above)
and winding yarn. I did a little experiment, inspired by this Ravelry thread, and re-wound the balls to take the tension off the yarn. You can see a huge difference between the swift to ballwinder ball and the ball to ballwinder one. I have a feeling these might be so loose they’ll fall apart but the yarn does seem less stressed.


And finally, I get to eat leftover messy but yummy lasagne.


Thank you for humouring my silly Elijah story, I’m so excited to see what adventures you guys come up with for him.


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