works in progress saturday

well yes, I know that there is the whole work in progress fridays thing. But look how different I am, how fashionably late. Or, uh… forgetful and lazy, take your pick.
Anyway, on with the photos.


I’ve been making these little crochet flower kirby grips. (I suppose calling them that is because at one point they were made by a company called Kirby, I’m not sure but it’s what I’ve always called them). Anyway whatever you call them they’re so cute and quick to make. Obviously these ones are done, but look at how much embroidery thread I have. So many little flowers. I used to make friendship bracelets, hence all the thread. And although I’m not much of an embroiderer I did buy the adorable Wee Wonderfuls Stitchettes. To be honest I think it was this picture that sold it. I’m so excited about that little package arriving. Weeeeee indeed.



I’m not sure about this book weight stencil, it worked perfectly but I’m thinking it maybe needs some more space around the image. I’ve only made one up – I’m waiting to buy some sand to fill the others.


I haven’t completely forgotten about the KSH bolero. I did this edging a while ago, and I’m just not sure about it – I think the lace pattern needs something pointier and crisper. What do you think?

But the thought of ripping it out fills me with dread.


Do you remember those toe up socks I started, the two I was doing at once? Well one of them is done and the other is up to the top of the gusset. Which is where I seperated them and went back to dpns. The two socks thing just wasn’t working with this yarn and these crappy needles. The yarn was actually felting slightly from the agitation. I only realised this when I tried to rip back and ended up with one sock that refused point blank to go off the cord and onto the needle. I do like the technique in principle so I’ll probably try it again paying more attention to yarn and needle choices.


I haven’t worked on these in a while, because the tubular bind off I did is too tight to wear the sock except with the cuff folded down. I can’t decide whether that is cute or not, and I’m not looking forward to trying to re-do it, so I’ve been ignoring it.


I did pick this up again recently though. It’s going very speedily.


Now I’m off to do some illustrations for the new site design. Because this isn’t quite enough things to have in progress. Not that I photographed everything.