yet another top down raglan

Since I clearly do not have enough projects on the go, I started this yesterday. A simple top down raglan, with buttons down the left raglan line. It will probably be striped below the yoke, simply because that’s the only way I’m likely to have enough yarn. I need to find something that will go for the stripes though, probably in some kind of teal colour. The colour of this yarn is tricky to photograph, and is nicer than in these pics, clearer and greener. This is perfect reading knitting, and that’s the main reason I started it. There’s also something about August that years of school have ingrained into me, the feeling that it’s time for new clothes, clothes that are both suitable for school and that will suddenly make you cool this year. (Although given some of the things I wore to school, the idea of suitable may be taken loosely – some of them would have been barely decent in the setting of a nightclub).

I also learnt a new way of doing a tubular cast on. It’s so much more elegant than either of the other ways I knew (the provisional cast on, st st for 4 rows, pick up and purl alternate sts from the beginning way; and the one that involves yarn overs). This method I learnt from Montse Stanley, and it’s basically a variation on a long tail cast on. It’s faster than the other methods and gives a softer edge.