Ysolda Teague, Yarn Magnet

Yesterday my mother’s friend brought me yarn from her mother. Which is cool, most of it is mohair and I’m ignoring the fact that mohair makes me sneeze for the moment. So does carbon but that’s just evidence that I shouldn’t work in an office (photocopiers). But I like how the mohair scarf I knitted up yesterday looks even if I won’t wear it. I’m sort of toying with the idea of putting some things on etsy, but it seems like a funny time of year to start hawking fuzzy warmer things.

But… there is a condition, this free yarn comes with a challenge. I agreed (because I like challenges) to turn this giant cone of lovely shetland wool into a ‘trendy’ cardigan for the woman it belonged to.


Have I met this woman? No.

Do I have any measurements from her? No. (uhh she’s about a size 14 apparently.)
Do I have any idea what style this woman likes, or what she might consider trendy? Uhh no again.

Why am I doing this? That’s a good question. They gave me yarn, they offered money, I like a challenge. Something like that.

What do you think of this swatch?


The stitch pattern is ‘tuck stitch’ from vogue knitting, probably found in other places too. I quite like it, but I’ll probably try out a few things.

But look what arrived a few days ago:


Wee its my prize for the craftster make your twin contest. The box is from Jordana Paige who make the world’s classiest knitting bags. Way too classy for the likes of me, but you know I can drool. They make the bags I would take my knitting in while travelling by train in a movie with Audrey Hepburn. Umm that’s going to happen.? But this box is very cute and has a useful table on the back to tick off your needles? (with both kinds of imperial and metric sizes ). I’m using tally marks – I have a lot of needles. They sent me a card with a nice note too. The powerpuff girl tin contains some of them, but not all. Ooh and talking of needles the gifted stash contained a set of 1mm needles. I have no idea what to do with them but I’ve always wanted them and find the idea that if I ever need to knit a very fine lace doily I’m ready.

Also in this stash was this:


a very small quantity of a very gorgeous yarn. This stuff feels like kid silk haze but thicker. I think a target patterned beret might be in order.


Thanks for all your comments about Matilda Jane. The pattern is coming along. I’ve been scratching my head over the schematics (this post was a way of avoiding that). But I think you’ll get it soon. How many times have I said that, now? I had an exam this morning, it was sort of crappy. I have this problem with names, seriously I cannot remember them in relation to everything. I actually got one of the writer’s I was writing about’s name wrong. Umm yeah. Hopefully my hand writing was so bad by that point they won’t be able to tell. But I’m feeling a bit brain dead, so the pattern writing may or may not go well.

Oh and Catherine asked: “Is it easy to use the self-cover buttons? Or do you need a badge-making kit?”

It isn’t hard and you don’t need special equipment but the instructions on the packet were crap and I figured out my own way of doing it. I got some more today so I guess i could throw together a tutorial of sorts.