look I’m going to be in knitty, exciting: Ysolda, You’re in! Congrats and thanks for a great pattern. Do you work for Rowan on the side? Your pictures are wonderful! Watch for an e-mail when it’s time to proofread...

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skull illusion scarf

*New: the skull illusion scarf pattern including both the chart and Mary’s written directions can now be found hereI made the original for a craftster scarf swap about a year ago and sent it to Rose. This is it (I hope ...

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this week has been hideously hectic…

but here goes last friday was my birthday and we had a fun, if very drunken night. Woke up on saturday morning with donna and decided that it was a good idea to get up, don some swan feathers and go to the make poverty history march… didn’t sober up until about 3pm. despite my cynicsm over the politics (or lack thereof) of the march I’m glad I went. At about 10.30pm we went down to the m...

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Harley Quinn cake

Jamie couldn’t some down and help but I did it anyway… at one point the icing was a stitcky gooey mess and I felt like I was going to have to turn it into an entrail cake… but it turned out pretty well in the end, I think.

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cycling and food colouring

i got my bike back this week. (it had been sitting rusting up in a warehouse where my dad dumped it when he demolished their garage). But he rescued it for me and now I can cycle to work – which takes less time than getting the bus althoug...

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here are some pages I scanned from my sketch book. me knitting (I’m about to ink and colour this to use as the image at the top of the knitting category). I drew it from a photo and realised that i think of myself as my mirror image – my hair really goes this way not like the picture at the top. Ha ha. me...</p>
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knitted porn

inspired by one of annette’s paint-by-number porn designs (which she sells as cute kits at her paint-by-number-porn empire I made her this: feel free to use t...

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