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Kazekobo's Favorite Crochet Motifs

By Yoko Hata

This book from the author of 'Kazekobo's Favorite Colors' and 'Kazekobo's Favorite Patterns' has 150 Crochet motifs to inspire

Paperback: 120 pages
Language: Japanese
150 Patterns for Pretty Crochet Motifs

* Circle Motifs
* Square Motifs
* Triangle and Polygon Motifs
* Irish Crochet Motifs

All patterns are charted using a standardised library of symbols, many of which will already be familiar to you. The symbols are explained in the basic crochet section at the back of the book.

You may recognise leading Japanese knitwear designer, Yoko Hatta, who designs under the name Kazekobo, from her other stitch dictionaries, which we have stocked for a while.