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200 Fair Isle Designs

By Mary Jane Mucklestone

This is one of my very favourite stitch dictionaries. The patterns are useful and inspiring, and they're organised the way I wish all stitch dictionaries could be.

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A comprehensive guide to 200 beautiful Fair Isle designs. From simple one row "peerie" patterns to complex allover repeats, the 200 knitted samples contained in this book will thrill and inspire the knitter, experienced and beginner alike.

Knitters will first learn to read colour charts and then gain the confidence to use the patterns to create their own stunning projects and garments. A unique "selector" at the beginning of the book makes it easy to choose a design you like.

Organised by row and stitch count, each of the patterns is accompanied by an easy-to-follow chart indicating both the pattern stitches and the colours used, and each sample is shown charted in an alternative colourway. A "mix and match" feature lets you combine patterns with confidence. Includes guidance on yarn choices and special techniques unique to Fair Isle knitting.

Mysteries of colour in Fair Isle Knitting are revealed offering simple solutions to a seemingly complex subject.