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Pride Colour kit

We’ve carefully matched the extensive Finull PT2 palette with a wide range of pride flags, so you can easily share your pride in your knitting projects.

Flag colour
Pride traditional rainbow
Pride inclusive rainbow
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With these kits we wanted to pull together as many inclusive versions of the pride family of flags as possible so that every identity can feel seen and celebrated. Pride, at its heart, is about the freedom to live authentically as ourselves in our sexual and gender identities. Knit with pride for yourself or for others, to let them know that pride, the protest, the celebration and the sense of safety, is important to you. We want everyone to feel they can exist loudly and proudly.

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The Pride yarn kits contain one 50g ball of Finull PT2 in each flag colour. That’s plenty for an accessory project, like a hat or cowl and they can be also be combined with a neutral colour for our Joy Mitts pattern. Charts for each of the flags not included in the original pattern can be found in this blog post. The Joy Mitts uses small amounts of each colour, so you’ll have plenty for several pairs. Team up with a group of knitting friends and share yarn for a knit-a-long, or knit a coordinating hat or scarf.

We know some of you love a colourwork yoke in your sweaters and so we've created a very special offer for a limited time only. When you spend £35 or over on a main colour of any Finull PT2 yarn, you can add your colour exploration kit, and get the kit for 30% off. Just add both to your cart and use the coupon code DIYYOKEKIT at checkout!

Offer runs 19th April 2021 to midnight BST 27th April 2021 or until stocks last. 

10% of all pride kit sales will be donated to LGBT Youth Scotland

Is there a flag you’d like us to add to this range? Please let us know so that we can make it as inclusive as possible.

The colours included in each kit:

Pride traditional rainbow: 4075, 496, 461, 424, 430, 437
Pride inclusive rainbow: 410, 4064, 4075, 496, 461, 424, 430, 437
Bi: 496, 4886, 437
Trans: 472, 479, 400
Asexual: 4042, 405, 410, 401
Genderqueer: 4088, 432, 401
Gender-fluid: 400, 478, 496, 437, 436
Lesbian: 469, 4205, 4069, 400, 479, 4686, 4886
Non-binary: 410, 401, 496, 4075
Pansexual: 4075, 4886, 472

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