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Colour exploration kit

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Ysolda has handpicked some special combinations of Jamieson & Smith 2ply Jumper Weight for you to explore. We have 3 colour options, and these popular colourwork yarns usually sell pretty quickly. Sample, swatch or create a special accessory with these limited edition colour exploration kits.

Each kit contains enough for quite a few different swatches, or a couple of swatches and an accessory project like a hat or mitts and contains six shades chosen to allow for effective colour play in stranded colourwork.

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Ideas for your colour exploration journey

Try dividing the six yarns into two groups, eg. warm and cool, and, starting with the darkest of one and the lightest of the other, use one yarn from each group at a time. Or use the yarns to explore contrast, by knitting the same stitch pattern in low and high contrast combinations. Or, perhaps, try playing with the ways in which you can create a fade effect based on the tonal value of colours, even when the hues are quite different.

How do the individual colours change depending on which colour you combine them with? Most of the colours included are heathered, and, when you look closely, you'll notice that they contain small flecks of unexpected colours: how you combine them will draw out different hues, often in quite surprising ways. Spending time playing with them will dramatically improve your ability to put together your own colour combinations for fair isle and stranded colourwork knitting, and build your confidence with colour. When was the last time you played?

The colours included in each kit

Vintage: FC7Mix, FC58, FC52, 125, FC39, 2

Autumn: 203, FC52, FC38, FC58, FC62, FC7

Spring: FC64, 91, FC24, 54, 23, 202

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