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S Twist Dyers Choice

By S Twist Wool

These mini skein sets of S Twist handspun Irish wool are hand dyed by S Twist in colour combinations inspired by the Irish landscape. Each pack contains plenty of yarn for our Ljós hat pattern and the yarn makes beautiful colourwork.

Rock Samphire
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Our sample knitter Karen raved about knitting with this unusual yarn: “This yarn is lovely: it was so much nicer and softer to knit with than I was expecting.”

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Ireland is well known for it’s green hills and valleys covered in sheep, but very little of the fibre is turned into hand knitting yarn. Diarmuid of S Twist Wool is on a mission to change that, working directly with sheep farmers around the country to create a range of minimally processed yarns that make the most of the unique characteristics of the fibre.

The wool is washed using a natural fermentation method. This ensures that no harmful chemicals are used. All the washing is done by hand and the wool is dried in the open air. The yarn is then handspun using an electric spinning wheel the owner of S Twist Wool, Diarmuid, developed himself.

Dyers choice packs include 4 skeins of sock weight wool at 30 grams per colour. 

For 100g skeins of undyed S Twist, here are S Twist DK and S Twist Sock.

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