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Alterknit Stitch Dictionary

By Andrea Rangel

Dive into stranded colorwork with confidence with a section on reading charts, working floats, and choosing colours.

AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary takes an unexpected look at stranded colorwork with 200 new motifs. These non-traditional colorwork charts are perfect for the creative knitter looking to break away from the ordinary. Derived from graphic design elements, these fresh motifs include everything from geometric mountains, waves, and spirals to modern bikes, skulls, and sheep. 


Learn how stranded colorwork can be used in design with five accompanying projects including mitts, cowls, and sweaters. Plus, use your imagination to modify, deconstruct, and combine the unique motifs to create your own designs.
Covering everything from leaves and floral designs to prancing ponies and rocket ships this is a truly one-of-a-kind collection of new colorwork motifs that you have never seen before. Be inspired to break the rules and use charts in creative ways with AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary.

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