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Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads

By">Cirilia Rose

The first book by the talented and stylish designer Cirila Rose is full of inspiring tips for creating your own handmade style and features 25 patterns for garments and accessories.

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In Magpies, Homebodies, and Nomads, Rose takes readers behind the scenes of her design process, showing them how she curates and organizes ideas and translates them into knitwear designs. In the process, she gives readers the tools they need to explore and define their own style and to begin to adapt patterns to their own style. She also provides instructions for 25 of her own fashion-fresh projects to knit. Cirilia's book is divided into three themes: Magpies, designing accessories for the small amounts of precious yarns that knitters inevitably collect but don't necessarily know what to do with; Homebodies, designing garments for time spent close to home; and Nomads, designing garments to wear when we're venturing into the world to meet friends and gather inspiration.

“In the fantasy world where all I have to do all day is swan around and look fabulous, I’d hire Cirilia Rose to style me. I’d always look amazing, with weird combinations that somehow work perfectly, and bonus — we could drink beer, talk about movies and try to befriend the neighbourhood cats. More than a pattern book, although the patterns are a perfect balance of stylish and wearable, in Magpies, Nomads and Homebodies Cirilia shares her tips for creating a handmade style that’s perfectly your own. Featuring photography shot by Jared Flood and styled by Cirilia herself, and edited by the legendary Melanie Falick, it’s an endlessly inspiring coffee table book that makes great gift.” - Ysolda

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