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Knitter's Block

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A convenient, large pinnable surface for blocking shawls or sweater pieces that packs neatly away for storage. The mats are topped with a soft, flocked surface which is just a little grabby — smooth your garment pieces out and they'll stay in place without the need for pins. I love the thoughtful inclusion of the gingham cloth, it really does simplify 'block to measurements shown'. Pins are included, for larger lace pieces combine with our flexible blocking wiresfor the ultimate blocking kit. 


18 interlocking, fiber-topped EVA foam tiles, each measures 12" × 12"
40 stainless steel T-pins
48" square cotton cloth woven with 1" square gingham to help measure your finished piece
A sturdy jute bag to contain the kit

Blocking wires are shown for illustration purposes and sold separately 

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