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Tukuwool Sock

By TitiTyy

Tukuwool Sock is a very unique Finnish sock yarn. The woolen spun three-ply yarn is twisted tightly but gently to create a light and lively yarn for enjoyable knitting experience. Tukuwool Sock contains a little bit of nylon to give the yarn more durability.

01 Sake
02 Humu
03 Auri
04 Rae
05 Anga
06 Ruura
07 Mantu
08 Runo
20 Leimu
H20 Hohka
H21 Repo
H22 Valo
H23 Selja
H24 Lehto
H26 Kajo
H27 Tyyni
H28 Ujo
H29 Syli
H30 Haave
H31 Aava
H32 Nila
H33 Uoma
H34 Ruso
H35 Havu
H36 Rohto

More information...

50g and 160 metres per skein.

1.76oz and 175 yards per skein.

6.5 sts = 1" on 3 – 3.5 mm needles.

80% Finnish wool, 20% nylon

Heavier than the 4 ply / fingering weight yarns often referred to as sock weight this is closer to a sport or thin double knitting. Perfect for warm, sturdy boot socks it would also work well for mittens, hats and sweaters.

Lightly processed with some lanolin and vegetable matter remaining, and a wonderful woolly scent. There are both natural and dyed heathered colours which are overdyed on naturally grey yarn. For adult size socks you will need two to three skeins. Handwash in cool water is recommended. Due to the spinning process there might be knots in the skeins.

Colours with an H before the number are dyed on naturally grey yarn and have a heathered appearance. Colours with just a number are dyed on white yarn and have a more solid appearance. 

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