Questions and answers related to closing our physical products store

As of June 25th we'll no longer be selling physical products on Please read this blog post from Ysolda for more about the decision.

Are you closing the whole business?

No, but we’ll stop selling physical products on June 25th (or earlier in the event that we completely run out of stock). The website will stay online, and our digital products and free tutorial content will continue to be available. We’ll be taking a bit of a break before shifting the business into its next phase.

I’ve joined a club or the Ysolda Knitwork - what will happen to that?

The Ysolda Knitwork, and our currently running clubs, will continue as planned.

I’ve been hoping a particular product will be restocked – is it likely to be?

All of our remaining inventory is currently on our website and we’ll no longer be restocking or adding new products.

Many of the products that we stock are available from other small independent shops, or directly from the producers. Some yarns, particularly in popular colourways, may not be available at all at the moment. Both the pandemic, and Brexit in the UK have affected all aspects of the fibre and yarn supply chain, from sheep farmers to distributors. Specialist yarn production relies on a network of many, many passionate small businesses and individuals. This year has shown how fragile the industry can be, and how important it is to support the makers of the yarns we love, as much as our personal circumstances allow.

We hope that as many of the businesses involved in producing the yarns we love can weather this challenging period, but it will take time for them to catch up on production and find solutions to materials shortages. Wherever you’re shopping from, if you can’t find exactly what you were looking for, we hope that you’ll see this as an opportunity to get creative, be flexible, and work with what’s available. We know, personally, what a difference even a small order can make to a small business and that they would very much appreciate your support at this challenging time.

What will happen to my nurture rewards points?

We’re planning on closing the nurture rewards program on June 25th. We recommend redeeming any points you’ve collected before then. Any coupon codes that you’ve turned points into will continue to work, but the range of products available will be much smaller. Thank you so much to everyone who joined the Nurture Rewards program.

I have a gift card, do I need to use it by a certain date?

Our gift cards do not have an expiry date, however if you do have one we recommend using it as soon as possible if you’d like to order yarn or other physical products. After June 25th you’ll be able to use gift cards only to purchase patterns, ebooks and other digital products. Thank you to everyone who purchased a gift card during spring last year, we really appreciate it and those purchases made a significant impact on our ability to stay open and pay our team at that time. We’d love to see you use them now.

Will there be a birthday sale this year?

Not in the same way as we’ve done in previous years. Depending on our remaining stock levels we may run a clearance sale in June, and have also been doing regular flash sales on individual products via our newsletters. The best way to find out about any sale or discounts is to subscribe to our newsletter.

Will I be able to get help with a pattern I’m knitting after June 25th?

Yes. Our team will be smaller, so it might take us a little longer to respond but we’ll continue to monitor our email and social media inboxes.

If you have a question about any of our patterns, or a more general knitting question, the Ysolda Knitwork is a great way to connect with other knitters and is free to join.

If you think you might have found an error in a pattern please double check that you have the most up to date file by comparing the filename with the version listed on the product page for the pattern. If your pattern is up to date and you think you've found an error please report it so we can check and issue an update if necessary.

What should I do if I have a question about an order or it hasn’t arrived after June 25th?

Your order confirmation email will contain a tracking link, which you can also find by logging into your account.If you have any other order related questions please email

Will you continue to accept returns or exchanges?

Due to lower inventory levels we will no longer be able to offer exchanges. If you’d like to return your order for a refund please contact, before sending it back, within 14 days of receiving it.

I’m a freelance creator, yarn company or publisher and I was hoping to collaborate with or feature Ysolda or her design portfolio in the future, is that still possible?

Yes, please fill out this form so we can easily keep track of your details We’d love to hear more about what you had in mind!

What is the best way to hear about your next steps/ business news

The best way to keep up to date is to sign up to the newsletter. We’ll be updating our customers right till the end and then will be taking a break over summer to regroup.

My question wasn’t covered here - what’s the best Way To Ask Questions After 25th June?

Over the summer we'll be taking a bit of a break and will be posting less frequently on social media. As always, the best way to contact us with more specific questions, which can easily get lost on social media, is to email us at