2017 alumni club membership

2017 alumni club membership

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The club has sold out and the waitlist is full.

This page is only for members of the 2016 club, if you weren't a member but are interested in joining next year's club look out for an announcement very soon! 

Unfortunately the limited edition nature of these yarns and special pricing for club members means that any orders placed by non-members will be refunded.

If you have any questions about the club please email support@ysolda.com

  • The yarn

    2017 will be like 2016, you can expect a similar range of beautiful limited edition yarns from small batch producers in the British Isles. The yarns will include a variety of natural fibres with a focus on wool, carefully matched to the type of project and design. The amount of yarn will vary between 100g and 200g and we keep a stash of extras in case anything goes missing in the mail or you run out on a project. Yarns and colourways will remain exclusive to the club for at least 6 months after the shipment date. 

    The patterns

    Accompanying each package will be an exclusive pattern featuring the yarn. We have to keep some things secret for now but Ysolda's 2016 club and Knitworthy 3 collection are a good place to look to get a sense of the types of projects you can expect. Patterns will remain exclusive to the club for twelve months after the release of each pattern. 

    The parcels

    The club makes a wonderful gift, for yourself or a loved one, and each skein of yarn is carefully gift wrapped and accompanied by a postcard sharing the yarn's story and inspiration. There will also be a special project bag to keep your club projects safe as your work on them. 

  • The community

    One of the best things about the club this year has been the wonderful, supportive community of members. Knit along with your fellow club members and join in the conversation in our club Ravelry group. Check out the group for some feedback from 2016 members, many of whom have already signed up again. 

    The schedule

    Yarn packages will be posted by the third Wednesday of the month in February, May, August and November. International packages will ship earlier than UK ones — our goal is to have them arrive around the same time but we can't control the post! Patterns will be sent electronically on the Friday after the shipment date and will include Ravelry library access.

    You won't receive anything on Ravelry until the first pattern is released but you will be able to access the patterns in your library once they are released. 

    Questions, lost parcels, etc? 

    Please contact us directly at support@ysolda.com — we endeavour to answer any questions received during UK office hours on that day. We will have a little extra of each yarn on hand for emergencies, but do encourage you to check gauge because gauge variations can have a dramatic effect on the yardage used.  


    We don’t like sad lost yarn any more than you do. Please, please let us know as soon as possible and at least 14 days before scheduled shipment dates of any changes in address.

    All prices include worldwide shipping* and applicable VAT.

    *We'll post the club to anywhere we can via Royal Mail but unfortunately courier services are prohibitively expensive for parcels of this size. If you live in an area where the post is notorious for going missing and would like to upgrade to tracked shipping please get in touch.