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Amirisu — Fall/Winter 2020 (Issue 21)

By amirisu publishing

amirisu is a bilingual knitting magazine from Japan, published twice a year. With unique Japanese aesthetics, amirisu brings together new and experienced knitwear designers around the world.

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This issue's theme is titled 'From Land to Needles' and develops ideas of sustainability and low impact.

Issue 21 features twelve knitwear designs that will inspire you with texture and colour, created by some of the amirisu team's most favourite designers from Japan and abroad. Participating designers: Stella Egidi/ Keiko Kikuno/ MizuhoKomiya/ Sari Nordlund/ Rievive/ Megumi Sawada/ AlinaSchneider/ Orlane Sucche/ Dianna Walla/ Miyuki Watanabe/amirisu

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"I always look forward to a new issue of amirisu arriving, and make sure I have time to really sit down and spend time with it. It’s one of those magazines that I’m glad is available in print, each issue is filled with inspiration to both knit and read and is a beautiful object in it’s own right. As a designer I find myself drawn towards the innovative ways that amirisu patterns use stitch patterns and techniques in designs that are intriguing to knit and always immensely wearable. There’s no need to choose between your process knitter and product knitter side with these patterns – you could happily build a wardrobe around amirisu designs and enjoy every minute of both the knitting and the wearing. " - Ysolda

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