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Bamboo Cable Needles

These cable needles are sleek and small - they'll slide easily through your knitting and streamline your cabling. Use them to hold stitches conveniently to the front or back of your work.

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Made of bamboo with nickel plated steel band.

Bamboo cable needles hold stitches when creating cables. When not in use, place them on your Maker's Keep magnetic bracelet. 

Contains five needles:

  • US 2/2.75mm, length 4"/10cm
  • US 4/3.5mm, length 4"/10cm
  • US 6/4mm, length 4.5"/11.5cm
  • US 9/5.5mm, length 5"/13cm
  • US 10.75/6.75mm, length 5"/13cm

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