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Colour Exploration Kit Einrúm and Léttlopi

Get creative with Ysolda's favourite Icelandic yarn in a carefully curated palette of colours. Each kit has enough yarn for a few swatches and knitting up a one-of-a-kind accessory that's completely you! We can't wait to see what you make.

Blue Tit

Add a touch of luxury to your kit with a skein or three of Einrúm, Icelandic wool plied with pure Thai Mulberry Silk, for a lustrous pop of colour. We love using beautiful Einrúm as a complementary colour against the more affordable Léttlopi.

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If you're feeling adventurous these kits make a great sweater yoke too. An excellent sturdy yarn for seasoned colourwork knitters but also perfect for beginners curious about creating colourful knits. In Aran weight, your yoked sweater will knit up quickly and be ready to wear in no time!


The colours included in each kit

Blue Tit: Lopi 1411 Sun Yellow, Einrúm 2004, Einrúm 2014
Bumblebee: Lopi 1411 Sun Yellow, Einrúm 2003, Einrúm 2008
Fern: Einrúm 2005, Einrúm 2009, Einrúm 2010
Meadow: Lopi 1405 Bottle Green Heather, Einrúm 2005, Einrúm 2013
Peony: Lopi 0054 Light Ash Heather, Einrúm 2015, Einrúm 2016
Primrose: Lopi 1411 Sun Yellow, Einrúm 2004, Einrúm 2015
Rhododendron: Lopi 1702 Milkyway, Lopy 9432 Grape Heather, Einrúm 2015
Robin: Lopi 0053 Acorn Heather, Lopi 9427 Rust Heather, Einrúm 2005
Rose: Einrúm 2003, Einrúm 2015, Einrúm 2016
Sky: Lopi 9420 Navy Blue, Einrúm 2004, Einrúm 2013

"I fell in love with Icelandic wool, and the ubiquitous Lopapeysa sweater's knit in it, the first time I visited Iceland. The magic of this wiry, slightly crunchy fibre isn't obvious at first glance, but wear a Lopi sweater on a damp, chilly morning and you'll soon realise why they're so popular. The Icelandic sheep has a double coat, with longer, coarser fibres that keep out the wind and the rain, and softer, fluffier fibres that trap air close to the skin. What applies to the sheep also applies to anything you knit in Lopi: spun together those two fibres work in harmony to make a lightweight, breathable garment with fantastic heat retention. I don't live in Iceland, but the climate on the Scottish coast can be just as damp and windy, and I wear my Létt Lopi (the lighter and more versatile of the Lopi yarns) sweaters all year long. I love to pull one on after a swim in the sea!" - Ysolda

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