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By Fancy Tiger Crafts

Patchwork quilting meets the celestial sky and the result...clean, elegant style with a cosmic touch.

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Join Fancy Tiger Crafts founders, Amber Corcoran and Jamie Jennings for an astrological exploration through the beauty of modern design. Each of the twelve blocks (plus a bonus Orion block never released before) finishes at 20" square and brings the sparse beauty of the celestial into the home with minimalist patchwork. Each block sparkles with an accurate representation of the stars found in the night sky. These clever but easy-to-piece astrology blocks allow for personalization galore. Perfect for welcoming baby quilts using a single block, combining two for a unique wedding quilt, or take it beyond quilting and make up a fashionable custom kimono-style Hoshi jacket.

12 Pieced Astrological Blocks

8 Personalized Projects

80 pages

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