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Darning Loom and Mushroom Bundle

Quintessential darning duo - select between a locally handmade darning mushroom or exclusive Ysolda branded Katrinkles loom. Or treat yourself to both! Just pair with your choice of durable Scanfil mending yarn to extend your loved knits.

Scanfil Colourway
Spring Garden
Your darning kit includes the Katrinkles loom or locally created darning mushroom, and durable mending wool from Scanfil. With a wide range of Scanfil options you can colour match your projects or maybe hold yarn double like Ysolda for an unexpected pop of colour. To purchase the Katrinkles Darning Loom on its own read more here. The beautiful darning mushrooms have been hand made in Edinburgh using locally and sustainably sourced timbers native to Scotland. Want to purchase just the darning mushroom? Read more here!

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"This nifty little loom is based on vintage speed-weave darning looms, and works incredibly well. I've found it makes darning easier, faster and neater and the simplicity of how it fits together is beautiful. I love how much room there is for creativity: you can play with colour, texture and even different weave patterns." - Ysolda

"We worked with Niall, a local craftsman to make my perfect darning mushroom and the results are even more beautiful than I was hoping for. Each mushroom is subtly different, highlighting the natural beauty of the wood. Niall created several prototypes to get the shape, size and materials just right, and they're a pleasure to use." Ysolda

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