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Halimede kit

A kit for the Halimede shawl, originally released for the 2018 club.

Ulysse Plume
Ulysse Émeraude
Ulysse Pavot
Ulysse Potimarron
Ulysse Cypres
Ulysse Argile
Ulysse Dragon
Ulysse Dune
Rauwerk Sport Sand
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Halimede combines a classic top-down construction with a traditional stitch pattern in an innovative way. The shawl features a centre panel of increases incorporated into a feather and fan, rather than a spine of increases, which creates a slightly-curved shallow triangle that drapes around the shoulders.

Ulysse kits are available now, in a selection of colours, and if you prefer the natural colour Rauwerk Sport kits will be available soon. If you’re new to top-down shawl knitting Halimede is an excellent first project and Laura’s made a helpful tutorial for how to work the garter tab cast on so you can get started with confidence.

Kit contains:
4 balls of Ulysse or 3 skeins of Rauwerk Sport

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