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The Knowledgeable Knitter

By Margaret Radcliffe

A thorough, clearly explained guide to garment knitting, from choosing a pattern all the way through to altering an imperfect finished sweater.

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"Despite the incredible amount of knitting information available online I still find myself frequently turning to, and recommending, reference books. As we search online, picking and choosing techniques to solve immediate problems we often miss building up a good overview, and it's hard to search for things you don't know you don't know. There are several excellent references available but for anyone interested in making successful garments Margaret Radcliffe's The Knowledgeable Knitter provides the perfect balance of a wealth of clearly explained information without being utterly overwhelming." Ysolda

Margaret Radcliffe, demystifies and thoroughly explains the "why" behind every knitting technique, from modifying necklines to fixing dropped stitches and creating sleek edges and seams. In this fascinating and comprehensive guide, she covers everything from how to identify a well-written pattern to evaluating schematics, revising a pattern so it fits perfectly, and making adjustments throughout a project. Whatever your skill level, you'll become a better, happier, more confident knitter!

320 pages.