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Loam: Beauty and Being

By Loam Magazine

From immersive essays to practical DIYs, this issue is truly rich in resources to inspire our community to reclaim the soft power in beauty.

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How can beauty be a catalyst for ecological, social, and spiritual regeneration? In Beauty & Being, Loam’s constellation of creative contributors explore this question through vibrant visuals and soulful storytelling. 

Essays by Kailea Frederick, Wai’ala Ahn, Lea Thomas, Jade Begay, Safia Elhillo, Lucy Dean Stockton, Resi Polixa, Kelsey Gleason, Lucía Oliva Hennelly, Denise Shanté Brown, Tasha Greenwood, Tianna Arredondo, Whitney McGuire, Dominique Drakeford, and Zuri Camille de Souza Photo Essays by Ellen Rutt and Chelsea Call

Interviews with Lead to Life, Mya Kerner, Waiakoa Wildflowers, and Theresa Bear. Illustrations by Amy Berenbeim and Molly Reeder DIY Guides from Adriana Moreno and Plant Kween. Recipes & Remedies by Brooke Budner. Visuals by Darius Garvin, Jane Cavagnero, Jess Drawhorn, Timothy Smith, Austin Drawhorn, and Ayşe Gürsöz

This issue measures 7.5x9.5” / 19cm x 24cm