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Scanfil Mending Wool – Set of colours

Perfect for all your mending tasks and favourite projects that you love and care for, Scanfil mending wool comes in a wide range of colours in perfectly sized amounts.

Spring Garden

We've made choosing from the full colour range easy with these themed sets. Match your wardrobe or get creative with visible mending. Will you go for classic neutrals, warm, autumnal shades, pops of bright, or something a bit more muted? See all the Scanfil colours here

The colours included in each kit:

Natural: 002, 052, 054, 069, 108
Grellow: 002, 052, 069, 087
Cool: 055, 067, 071, 075, 082, 100, 109, 139
Dusk: 055, 068, 075, 082, 109, 139
Spring Garden: 068, 075, 076, 094, 096
Sunrise: 056, 057, 087, 093, 098
Meadow:076, 089, 094, 096

This durable darning yarn fits easily into your notions bag and is ideal paired with the Katrinkles Darning Loom or locally handmade Darning Mushroom.

Each card contains 15 metres of mending wool (55% Wool, 45% Nylon)

More information...

"Whether you’re looking to colour match a garment or add contrast patches to your holey socks I find this darning wool is a joy to work with - and with added nylon I know that the darns are likely to be the strongest part of the fabric. I also like to hold it together with the working yarn for reinforced toes and heels." - Ysolda

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