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White Privilege: The Myth of a Post-Racial Society

By Kalwant Bhopal

Professor Kalwant Bhopal uses her extensive research and experience of systematic racism in the education sector to explore why we are not yet in a post-racial socity despite some progress in calls for equality. A good primer for anyone seeking to understand how policy impacts race relations.

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Why and how do those from black and minority ethnic communities continue to be marginalised? Kalwant Bhopal explores how neoliberal policy-making has increased discrimination faced by those from non-white backgrounds. This important book examines the impact of race on wider issues of inequality and difference in society. Bhopal is a Professorial Research Fellow and Professor of Education and Social Justice in the Centre for Research on Race and Education at the University of Birmingham. She is visiting Professor at Harvard University at the Graduate School of Education and visiting Professor at King's College London. Her areas of interest and expertise focus on the educational experiences of black and minority ethnic groups as well as Gypsies and Travellers. This expertise is at the heart of this book that explores how we are reproducing systems of oppression even as civil rights movements have gained some ground.