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You Will Be Able To Crochet By The End Of This Book

By Zoe Bateman

The perfect how to crochet book for beginners that does exactly what it promises to do – work your way through and you really will be able to crochet by the end!

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Learn to crochet with this beautiful, clearly illustrated guide. You Will Be Able to Crochet by the End of This Book spends plenty of time on the basics, making no assumptions about your existing knowledge and building your confidence slowly. The book is divided into two parts, the first focuses on stitches and techniques, and covers everything you need to know to crochet your first projects successfully. The second part includes 15 easy projects to practice your skills on, from a colourful plant pot cover to a chic blanket and a cute cuddly toy.

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Zoe Batemen is both an experienced designer and teacher. She designs and hosts fun crochet workshops for beginners with The London Craft Club so she's intimately familiar with how to make learning an enjoyable and trouble-free experience. And if you do run into issues there's a handy troubleshooting guide. The book is ideal for working through with friends or family, sharing your progress together or following along at your own pace. And of course, if you're already well versed in the joy of knitting, it's the perfect way to share your love of the craft.

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