Twisted stitch v-neck vest

Everyone who has seen Angostura seems surprised when I tell them it's worked in worsted weight. There's something about the delicate tracery of twisted stitches that come together in shaped cable patterns at the waist which gives the illusion of a garment worked in a much finer yarn.


    Worked in pieces from the bottom up. Armholes and neck edged with reverse stockinette I-cord. Shaping worked into cable patterns. Twisted stitches are slipped on wrong side to make them more pronounced.


    20 stitches and 36 rows = 4 inches in 1×4 twisted slipped rib (worked over a multiple of 5 sts: RS rows: k1tbl, p4, rep from to end; WS rows: k4, sl1 purlwise with yarn in front.)


    3rd needle in the same size as gauge needle for 3 needle bind off.
    Scrap yarn for holding sts.



  • The most important thing is to use a smooth yarn with good stitch definition. Some elasticity is needed but yarns with a percentage of inelastic fibres can be used because the twisted ribs, cables and seams help hold the shape. Watch out for yarns that split easily as the twisted cables will be harder to work. Altering the body length will require a change in the yarn required of approximately 5% per inch / 2.5cm.

    Ysolda’s version shown in Brook’s Farm Four Play (50% wool, 50% silk, 270yds / 247m, 4.02oz / 114g) in Bergamot.
    Amanda’s version shown in Classic Elite Chesapeake (50% organic cotton, 50% wool, 103yds / 94m, 1.76oz / 50g) in Mephisto.

    425[485, 495, 560, 595, 615] (665, 690, 730, 775, 810) [855, 890, 920, 975, 1000] meters
    465[530, 540, 610, 650, 675] (725, 755, 800, 845, 885) [935, 975, 1005, 1065, 1095] yards

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20 stitches and 36 rows = 4 inches in 1×4 twisted slipped rib




Worsted weight yarn with a suggested gauge of 5 sts per inch / 2.5cm.

Needles and notions

US 3 / 4.5mm straights or circular 24" / 60 cm or longer

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