Knit a Brioche Accessory Course

Join us for this how to knit brioche online course! This course is your ultimate guide to brioche knitting in which you will learn all the basics of how to knit the brioche stitch and by the end, knit your first brioche accessory (and maybe your second, third and fourth....!)

You will begin with learning how to brioche flat before progressing onto how to knit brioche in the round. Included in these early lessons there will be pointers to help trouble shooting what to do if you drop a stitch or make a mistake. The course continues on to explore decreasing in brioche before diving into how to knit brioche stitch with 2 colours. Like many of our online learning courses, there will be plenty of other knitting techniques to add to your knitting skillset such as swatching, keeping track of your knitting, and joining yarn. This course is designed to help you achieve your handmade wardrobe goals and develop the skills to make many more beautiful projects in the future.

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